We treat each of our products with love, so we want to give you some care recommendations:

Proper care will help you keep your favorite things in excellent condition.

  • Viscose: hand-wash (30 degrees, 400 rpm) or dry cleaning.
  • Silk: hand-wash (30 degrees, 400 rpm) or dry cleaning.
  • Wool, cashmere: hand-wash (30 degrees) or dry cleaning.
  • Cotton: hand-wash (30 degrees) or dry cleaning.
  • All items on the lining: dry cleaning only.


We love our knitted garments for their soft texture and natural composition. You will be comfortable wearing them for a walk in the frosty winter or enjoying a cup of coffee in your favorite cafe. If you follow the recommendations below, then your favorite products will keep you warm for many years.

  • All our products are made of natural materials.
  • Wool, cashmere — hand-wash at 30 degrees or dry cleaning. For washing, we recommend using a special liquid powder for cashmere and wool products.
  • After washing, slightly squeeze the water from the products and put them to dry on a flat surface. We recommend you to store the products folded on a shelf.


The story of one coat.

If you ask our regular customer: “What is Nude Story for you?”, Then most likely he will answer: “Coat!”.

The first coat was sewn in 2014. All these years we have been improving our templets, each season approaching the ideal. We searched for new Italian factories, selected the perfect accessories and new textures. Each of our coats is unique in that one tailor makes it from the first to the last seam.

We take care of each of our products, so we want to give you some care recommendations:

  • All our coats are made of natural fabrics, so they require dry cleaning.
  • If you are caught in the rain, it is recommended to brush the coat along the length of the pile. Do not brush against the length, then the pile will always remain smooth.
  • We recommend storing your coat in a protective case in the summertime.
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